• All natural products sold here. Good, sound, healthy, safe products sold. Good quantity and quality something which is rare these days. I use the soaps as my main shampoo too, each time I use it my hair feels better and better.

    Pam Riley

  • I love the products and looking forward to ordering more.

    Warren Waddle

  • I got it for my mother as a gift. She loved it.

    Bernadine Finnegan

  • I bought some lavender soap and I use it every day. It does not dry out my skin like other soaps do, love this soap. Works in hard water.

    Sarah Johnson Fitzpatrick

Farm Fresh Milk and Honey

We only use the freshest goat's milk in our soaps. Goat's milk is very good for the skin. It is soothing and conditioning. Here on the farm, one of the animals we raise are goats. I go out and milk these lovely ladies in order to offer you the best quality ingredients. Goat milk soap contains Vitamin A, C, E, several B vitamins, amino acids and natural enzymes.

In addition to the goats, we also raise bees. Their honey is amazing. It has a moisturizing effect, and honey also has antimicrobial properties and has anti-inflammatory properties that can aid with skin conditions. Some of the products I make have our wonderful honey in them!

Gentle For Dogs

All the ingredients that I use in our soaps are very gentle. In fact they are so gentle even dogs can use them! Coconut oil helps with skin conditioning as well as makes it lather beautifully. I grind up oatmeal for gentle exfoliating that helps promote healthy skin and helps itchy skin. Each bar is scented with 100% natural essential oils. No need to fumble anymore with plastic bottles, one bar will last many washes.


Gentle For Their Owners

Every ingredient that is put in my soap, is done so with the upmost care and thought, sustainably sourced ingredients from responsible suppliers.My goal is to promote healthy, soft, conditioned skin. I personally have been using my soap for over 20 years. I have male customers that use it for their shaving. They tell me they get an even closer shave and their skin is left soft, not tight feeling. Pure goat milk soap is known to be less allergenic than other soaps.