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Hand made Evergreen Lip Conditioner Stick

Hand made Evergreen Lip Conditioner Stick

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Every time the lid comes off of one of these conditioning sticks, I am reminded of a high mountain forest. Smell the subtle hints of pine, and feel the soft glide of  natural conditioning ingredients. 

Not only can it be used on your lips, but you can also use on any dry spots on your skin and even your cuticles !
I infused olive oil with evergreen needles that were collected from a chemical free location. Olive oil contains a high concentration of antioxidants which help to protect your lips and skin form free radicals. Olive oil also contains natural moisturizers and conditioners for your lips. Combined with Bees Wax , Shea butter and Peppermint essential oil, you have a refreshing, conditioner for your lips.

My all natural lip conditioner has organic bees wax. Organic bees wax is rich in natural emulsifiers that help to retain needed moisture for your skin.
No flavorings or sweeteners are added, just all natural goodness!

Ingredients :

Olive Oil infused with evergreen needles

Shea Butter


Peppermint EO

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Customer Reviews

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Best lip balm EVER!

This is my absolute FAVORITE! All natural ingredients, and it works much better than the 'store bought' lip balms that are full of chemicals that irritate my skin. I buy a handful at a time; Mom gets one, daughter gets one, and I have one in my purse, one next to my bed, one on the table next to my recliner, etc., etc. Great product!